圆满落幕!【地建师】十年一刻 | 「NEXT 这一代」在路上·再出发
2024-04-08 来源:DJSER地建师

2024年3月26-29日,由地建师DJSER、UR城市再生主办,【地建师】十年一刻 @上海,得到HOTEL & SHOP PLUS上海国际酒店暨商业空间博览会协办,中国建筑工业出版社·华东分社《建筑师》杂志官方支持。

From March 26th to 29th, 2024, “10 Years|Here Now,and Again" event in Shanghai was co-hosted by DJSER and UR Urban Regeneration, supported officially by the East China Branch of China Architecture & Building Press and Architect Magazine, and assisted by the HOTEL & SHOP PLUS Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo.

【地建师】十年一刻@上海,邀请「 这一代 NEXT」第四季投票产生的TOP 33建筑师/设计师线下分享个人成长经历与经典案例;同期作品展览展示围绕行业热点城市更新与再生,100份参与第二届甦上奖SU AWARD进行行业联展;现场各大地产公司、设计公司作品集/图册受到现场观众高度观众。

This event in Shanghai marked a decade of achievements, inviting the top 33 architects/designers from the fourth season of "Next" to share their personal growth and classic cases offline. The concurrent exhibition displayed around industry hotspots of urban renewal and regeneration, featuring 100 participants of the 2nd SU AWARD for a joint industry exhibition. The showcase of collections/catalogs from major real estate and design firms received high acclaim from attendees.


During the same period, “A Decade’s Hall" focused on the ten-year journey of architectural design, featuring guest sharing and dialogues for the first time, reflecting on the past decade, the present, and looking forward to the next ten years.


十 / 年 / 一 / 刻


Here now, and again

为期4天的【地建师】十年一刻 @上海,吸引海内外观众1,000多人,得到现场嘉宾最真诚的反馈:见证地建师十年间不断的成长,从最初的「 CREDAWARD地建师设计大奖」,给行业组织线下沙龙CREDesign共享荟,关注到一代又一代「 这一代 」建筑师组织线上与线下交流 ,具有前瞻性的行业热点预判——最早于2019组织城市有机更新沙龙@成都、2020年成立自媒体UR城市再生、2023年发起第一届甦上奖SU AWARD。这十年,地建师始终以引领行业的姿态,稳步发展,发挥着正能量。获得行业口碑和认可。

Over four days, the event attracted over 1,000 attendees from home and abroad, receiving genuine feedback on the growth of DJSER over the decade. Starting from the initial CREDAWARD, to offline salons like CREDesign, and pioneering industry trends like the earliest urban organic renewal salon in Chengdu in 2019, founding of the UR Urban Regeneration media in 2020, and initiating the SU AWARD in 2023. Over the decade, DJSER has consistently led the industry, developing steadily and positively influencing the architectural community.


The event celebrated the significance of a decade - not just as a measure of time, but as a witness to the growth and transformation of generations and the development of the industry, linking past and future. Every decade serves as a new beginning, a new challenge. As we step forward, with dreams in our hearts, we bravely set off again, embarking on new journeys and welcoming the "golden age" of design.


Looking forward to the next decade, with the belief that we will all still be here, continuing our journey together….


地点:上海新国际博览中心 · 浦东

E1馆论坛区 地建师专区

主办单位:地建师DJSER、UR城市再生、这一代 NEXT

协办单位:HOTEL & SHOP PLUS上海国际酒店暨商业空间博览会



Date: March 26-28, 2024

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong

Hall E1 Forum Area, DJSER Zone

Organizers: DJSER, UR Urban Regeneration, The Next Generation NEXT

Co-organizer: HOTEL & SHOP PLUS Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo

Supporting Organization: China Architecture & Building Press

East China Branch of The Architect Magazine



"Architecture is closely related to the social system of its era. However, architecture does not exist merely to comply with the social system of the time, but rather to reconstruct the social system. Architecture is also closely related to the intrinsic culture of the local society. For this reason, architecture plays the role of questioning the world with the intrinsic culture of the local society."

— Riken Yamamoto



Interpreting 10 Years






The term "year" represents the past; "decade" signifies the present; "ascend" forecasts an ascending future. "Moment" initially refers to a scale, extending to signify scales of time, life, and industries.




「 这一代 NEXT」线下见面会

"NEXT" offline meet-and-greet


甦上奖 SU AWARD——



Joint exhibition of urban regeneration works



A Decade's Hall



Book exhibition

地建师「这一代 NEXT」第四季—

DJSER 101 线下见面会

The NEXT Season Four - DJSER 101 Offline Meet-and-Gree


地点:E1馆·论坛区 地建师专区

Date: March 26-28, 2024

Location: Hall E1, Forum Area, DJSER Zone

地建师致敬「这一代 NEXT 」栏目,在gmp吴蔚先生的提议和倡导下正式启动,旨在发现并表彰企业中坚力量——他们以专业设计能力承担着企业的发展,传承企业文化和设计理念、并用自己对设计的热爱、对社会的责任坚持在设计一线。

In honor of "NEXT," initiated under the proposal and advocacy of Mr. Wu Wei from gmp, aims to identify and recognize the core strength of enterprises — those who carry the enterprise's development with their professional design capabilities, inheriting corporate culture and design philosophies, and persisting in design frontline with their passion for design and social responsibility.

2024年,「这一代 NEXT」第四季强势回归,本季我们邀请了近百位「这一代」嘉宾,经过28天的激烈竞争、网络投票,访问量高达近200万,总票数达到134万+。「这一代 NEXT 」4.0版本也是自创办以来,反响最热烈的一季。

In 2024, the fourth season of " NEXT" made a strong return, inviting nearly a hundred "NEXT" guests. After 28 days of intense competition and online voting, it reached nearly 2 million visits, with total votes exceeding 1.34 million. This season was the most warmly received since its inception.

最终评选出了年度TOP 11「这一代」热辣滚烫之星组合出道,并邀请TOP 33 「这一代」通过线下见面会的方式,为大家分享个人的成长经历,以及对行业趋势的深度探讨。

The season culminated in the debut of the year's TOP 11 "NEXT" stars, inviting the TOP 33 "NEXT" to share their personal growth experiences and in-depth discussions on industry trends through offline meet-and-greets.

在「这一代」建筑师一季又一季的共同努力下,「这一代 NEXT」第四季得到中国建筑工业出版社华东分社《建筑师》杂志的认可与官方支持!

Through the collective efforts of "NEXT" architects season after season, the fourth season of "The Next Generation NEXT" received recognition and official support from the East China Branch of the China Architecture & Building Press' "The Architect" Magazine.


At the event, Mr. Xu Hao, representing the "The Architect" Magazine from the East China Branch of China Architecture & Building Press, attended the event, presenting "The Architect" magazines and awarding certificates and trophies to the "NEXT" architects.

03 / 26




Keynote Speakers


杨 锋

GTA绿城青和 | 北京公司总经理

Feng Yang

GTA Shandong Greentown Qinghe | General Manager, Beijing



Respecting ancient rhyme and shaping modern space" can create a Chinese garden-like lifestyle


Mr. Feng Yang shared not only three pivotal phases of his career but also reinforced the architectural design philosophy of venerating tradition and innovating for the future through his involvement in projects. His unique design philosophy and profound insight into architectural culture successfully merged historical wisdom with modern aesthetic living, endowing his works with a timeless vitality.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Jiangnan Chinese Architecture's Heritage for Contemporary Use—Linyi Chunjiang Mingyue

绿城 · 春江明月,项目地处强势崛起的经济开发区,距离经开区中心不到20分钟车程。雄踞沂水河畔,享受一线河景资源,与约1300年银杏古树为邻,占据藏风纳水宝地。承载26载中式建筑大成,熔聚千年香山帮匠心,人文底蕴深厚,是宁静雅居之地。

Greentown · Chunjiang Mingyue is located in a rising economic development zone, less than a 20-minute drive from the center of the development area. It sits by the Yishui River, enjoying prime river views and neighbored by approximately 1300-year-old ginkgo trees, occupying a site that harmoniously blends wind and water. Bearing 26 years of Chinese architectural accomplishment and melding a millennium of craftsmanship from the Xiangshan School, it has a profound cultural depth, making it a place of tranquil elegance.


赵 攀

ZHOYU洲宇设计集团 | OMG总经理

Pan Zhao

ZHOYU Design Group | President of OMG Architecture Office



Governing a big project is as delicate as frying a small fish, do not overdo it


Mr. Pan Zhao shared his unique understanding of design, combining the perspective of cooking with his intriguing learning journey. From an initial obsession with accumulation to embracing simplicity, he continually challenges himself, dares to innovate, maintains a high level of openness, and an optimistic attitude, creating many impressive project works.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Nanjing Longhu Yushan Tianjie


Longhu Yushan Tianjie, located in the Pukou District of Nanjing, adjacent to the Yushan Road Station on Metro Line 10, is designed with the concept of "Jinling · Green Valley". Inspired by the natural landscape of the Yangtze River flowing through Nanjing, it envisions converging flows of water (and people) into the site. Utilizing the site's elevation differences to create a three-story street-level commercial cluster, LG floor, 1F, and 2F allow direct street access. Surrounded by abundant natural resources and leveraging the nearby Yushan and Fenghuang mountains, it adopts the "Natural + Commercial + Aesthetic" concept to become Nanjing's new destination for quality consumption and leisure experiences, marking Longhu's first "Forest-style Tianjie".



LMW 雷蒙沃能源 | 内部专家

Yaqing Hu

LMW Raymond Energy | Internal Expert



Ten years, Two journeys


Mr. Yaqing Hu deeply recounted his ten-year journey from a novice to a leading figure in the curtain wall design field. During this lengthy process, he shared many memorable experiences, hoping to inspire colleagues to stay true to their initial aspirations, face challenges bravely, and use wisdom and effort to build their professional milestones.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Gangshen International Center

港深国际中心结合深圳龙岗的自然地貌特征,SCC mall形成“化山水之形式,造城市之灵魂”的商业空间设计理念,未来将通过全景天环、超级碗、中央广场、立体商业街、梦剧院等独有创新场景作为载体,丰富市民与消费者的商业体验。为了更好控制商业立面的曲面效果、高效划分幕墙板块,在幕墙深化设计阶段,我们运用参数化的设计方法来构建幕墙三维模型。参数化幕墙以骨节造型,在曲面形体上进行流动,形成飘逸灵动的建筑立面效果。

The Gangshen International Center, integrating the natural landscape features of Shenzhen Longgang, forms the commercial space design concept of "transforming landscapes into city souls" with SCC mall. Future unique innovative scenes like panoramic sky rings, super bowls, central plazas, three-dimensional commercial streets, and dream theaters will serve as carriers to enrich the commercial experience for citizens and consumers. To better control the curved effect of the commercial façade and efficiently divide curtain wall panels, parametric design methods were used in the curtain wall deepening design stage to construct a three-dimensional model of the curtain wall. The parametric curtain wall, with its joint modeling flowing over curved forms, creates an ethereal and dynamic architectural façade.



JJP 潘冀联合建筑师事务所 | 总经理

Zhengguo Tang

JJP Panji United Architects | General Manager



Standing at the age of 30 - practical practice


With over 30 years in the field, I have been involved in the design of over a hundred architectural projects. My work spans a variety of building types including residential, wellness, education, research and development, and industrial production, with particularly notable achievements in the areas of healthcare and elder care. Some of my representative projects include: Shuanglian Xinzhuang Social Welfare Charity Building, Shuanglian Presbyterian Church Social Welfare Park, Wenzhou Social Welfare Center Phase II, China Railway • Baihebai Le (Chaohu) Health and Elderly Care Park, Hefei Kangqiao International School, Zhengzhou Zhongxing Xinye Port Phases II & III, Fuzhou Fubon Headquarters Building, MediaTek Wuhan Research and Development Center, Xi'an Huanpu International Technology Park, Qimeida (Wuhan) Precision Machinery Project Park, and Longjing Nantong Printing Factory Area.

代表作品 / Signature Work


MediaTek Wuhan Research and Development Center


Located in Wuhan's Optics Valley Financial Harbor, the project serves as MediaTek's R&D base for software system design. Facing only the south road, the site encompasses about 5 meters of elevation difference and irregular land contours. Thus, designing the architecture to adapt to the site, meeting users' demands for regular, easily adjustable space sizes, was key. To delineate the R&D main building and the annexed parking building, two square areas were embedded within the land contour. The car ramps, following the land's elevation difference and adjacent to the nearby road opening, not only shorten the vehicle's ground travel path but also separate vehicle and pedestrian flows. The R&D main building adopts an enclosed looped plane, with transportation cores and auxiliary spaces concentrated on the east and west sides, allowing the R&D space to be fully connected and easily adjustable in size. Additionally, an open-air atrium was created in the center of the building to provide extra natural lighting while also forming a dual landscape view. The atrium's interconnected pathways, platforms, and outdoor stairs create a rhythmically clear circulation, crafting a transparent and bright indoor and outdoor interactive leisure space.


Award Ceremony


颁奖嘉宾:徐 皜


Award Presenter: Xu Hao

China Architecture & Building Press, East China Branch

03 / 27




Keynote Speaker



UrbanPlot繁境建筑设计 | 设计总裁

Quanhong Li

UrbanPlot Dense Environment Architectural Design | President, Chief Designer



Urban Plot · A new Beginning


In Mr. Quan Hong Li's sharing, we saw him continuously break new ground, both in life and design, always daring to try. As he put it, "Inspiring architecture often stems from breaking through conventional limits." He also delved deep into the stories and thought processes behind many of his representative works, winning the audience's favor.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Nanchang Wanda Plaza


Nanchang Wanda Plaza, located in the picturesque, waterfront Red Valley Beach area, is a new district established by Nanchang city to create a "two riverside" urban development pattern. As a new generation of high-end shopping destination, Nanchang Wanda Plaza creates a new highland of trendy luxury in Nanchang, leading a new fashion for quality leisure. A 23-meter-high outdoor waterfall in the inner courtyard, located at the end after entering the courtyard and passing through cascading terraces, is a novel and challenging structural form attempt. The waterfall, composed of a water curtain system, a large overhanging high-altitude glass walkway, and an observation elevator, not only brings vibrant life and the sound of flowing water to the inner garden but also serves as a carrier for light shows, providing a comprehensive sensory enjoyment for people lingering in the inner garden at night. The observation elevator behind the water curtain takes people to the high-altitude glass viewing platform on the third floor, walking in the air, providing the most important check-in destination for the inner courtyard.



CCA GROUP 香榭蒂设计 | 创始人兼艺术总监

Minshan Yu



唯有热爱 可抵岁月漫长

Only Passion Can Withstand the Test of Time


Ms. Minshan Yu, with her profound artistic cultivation and unique residential design philosophy, deeply interpreted her unwavering initial intention of "creating an artistic living environment with a poetic essence" since her career's inception and shared the original intention and journey of establishing Xanadu. Her vivid presentation allowed us to truly feel her passion for this profession.

代表作品 / Signature Work


CITIC Taifu · Huashan Lake


In this project, we created showrooms for both duplex villas and row houses. Designed around the keywords "international, high-end, ecological, and artistic", the space styles were positioned as Italian-style luxury and international aesthetic elegance due to different target customer profiles. The space's color tones were primarily neutral, with different accent colors added to highlight a sophisticated luxury. Through the analysis of the five senses - smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing - on top of achieving spatial functionality, we ensured a wonderful home experience for the inhabitants. In terms of soft furnishings, we selected international brands, combining cutting-edge craftsmanship and artistic sense to create an ultimate living experience, demonstrating design's ability to change everything.



DP建筑师事务所 | 副董事

Goh Yong Qin

DP Architects | Associate Director



Starting with Boundaries


With years of experience in urban complex design, Mr. Goh Yong Qin has a deep and comprehensive understanding of large-scale urban development projects, maintaining a high sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities therein, able to uncover potential value and maximize it. In his speech, he shared the "Starting from the Boundary" design philosophy and interpreted the painstaking efforts behind several classic projects.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Binjiang Commercial Center


The 290,000-square-meter Shanghai Binjiang Commercial Center project is located in the Hongkou District's 18th block, with Sichuan North Road to the east and Wujiang Road to the north, famous for their commercial and cultural streets in the Hongkou District. Approximately 15,000 square meters of historic buildings within the site to the north, so the overall planning of this large urban renewal project first considered the continuation of regional history, understanding the site's texture changes over nearly a century, creating a large urban complex through new and old dialogues on the site.


The INLET as the name suggests, is based on 60 Shikumen buildings and 8 alleys of the public welfare workshop, not only restoring the historical buildings to their original site but also injecting new elements to effectively activate the site's usage, like 'urban acupuncture'. The INLET Block 2 while restoring the Sichuan North Road street-front commercial body, also created new experiences for the project. Echoing the historic district, the large urban complex of phase two increases from north to south, forming the best 'gathering place' for viewing the historic district. The vertical green walkway on the north side of the mall weaves through the new and old districts, forming a corridor that spans time and space, while the scattered garden platforms on the office tower are excellent places for a panoramic view of Shanghai's urban landscape. The Shanghai Literature Museum of phase three, through the contrast in form and material between new and old buildings, creates an elegant and striking spatial marker, continuing the dialogue with the era.


王 楠

Schneider+Schumacher | 中方合伙人

Nan Wang

Schneider+Schumacher | China Partner



S+S China and I


Ms. Nan Wang shared the design journey of Schneider+Schumacher since its establishment and the stories behind several outstanding projects, showing her precision and romanticism towards design and work, and how technology makes architecture sustainable and beautiful.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Hetao Science and Innovation Center Project


The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone Shenzhen Park West Wing, located adjacent to the Shenzhen River and facing the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong across the river, is the first key project to start in the West Wing area. The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Innovation Open Innovation Center aims to build a comprehensive national science center, creating a Shenzhen-Hong Kong smart science and innovation center integrating top "scientific research, laboratory, supporting services, and integration and communication" functions, also representing a new generation of residential-type scientific research spaces.


Award Ceremony


03 / 28




Keynote Speakers


李 博

Gerber Architekten 盖博建筑设计事务所 | 中国区设计总监

Bo Li

Gerber Architekten | Design Director/ Office Director



Urban Renewal in the Ruhr Area, Germany


In this speech, Mr. Bo Li used the timeline of projects as a guide to share the regional transformation of one of the world's most important industrial areas, the Ruhr District in Germany, showcasing the entire process of urban renewal. This successful case was highly beneficial for the audience.

代表作品 / Signature Work


SUSTech School of Medicine and Affiliated Hospital

以山水为灵感,引入“山水动脉”的设计理念,结合山与水的自然元素,使它们有机结合,相互缠绕,犹如动脉结构一样,将各部分功能串联起来,形成开放、共享 又相对自由的形态空间关系,去探索人、自然和空间之间的联系。“U”字型设计母题融合山体,形成“树枝”状自由的布局,在外部空间及内部流线的塑造中都具有极大优势。顺应山体的规划布局方式给人以积极的医学主题氛围,也与大学“自由地学术氛围”相匹配。

Inspired by mountains and rivers, the "mountain and river arteries" design concept was introduced, combining natural elements of mountains and rivers to intertwine organically, like arterial structures, linking various functional parts to form open, shared, and relatively free spatial relationships, exploring the connections between people, nature, and space. The "U" shaped design motif integrates with the mountain, forming a "branch-like" free layout, with great advantages in shaping external spaces and internal circulation. The planning layout following the mountain provides a positive medical theme atmosphere, matching the university's "free academic atmosphere".


叶 枫

MG2 | 工作室主管

Charles Ye

MG2 | Studio Leader



E-Scooter City Report, Perspectives, Inspirations, and Discoveries


As a Chinese American, Mr. Charles Ye's strong cultural identity led him to refocus his attention on Shanghai. In his spare time, he actively immerses himself in Shanghai's rhythm of life, often riding his electric scooter through the city's streets and alleys, learning the Shanghai dialect, tasting local cuisines, and experiencing the city's pulse in detail.

代表作品 / Signature Work

The Manning

The Manning项目是位于美国华盛顿州 Barkley 新区核心地带的中密度综合体项目,融合了住宅和商业空间。项目主创与 Charles 和他们的团队在设计这个项目时,安排了两个独立且互不接触的体量,巧妙的创建了中央庭院,形成了步行友好社区,这种设计不仅促进了邻里之间走的更近,也适合当地环境,成为了当地一个现代设计风格的活力社区。

The Manning project, located in the heart of Barkley's new area in Washington State, USA, is a medium-density mixed-use project combining residential and commercial spaces. The project's lead creators and Charles and their team designed two independent and unconnected volumes, cleverly creating a central courtyard, forming a pedestrian-friendly community. This design not only brought neighbors closer together but also suited the local environment, becoming a modern design style vibrant community in the area.


李 菡

IELYN DESIGN 宜兰设计 | 创始人/设计总监

Han Li

IELYN DESIGN Yilan Design | Founder/Design Director



Thirteen years in Yilan


In Ms. Han Li's speech, we gradually learned how Yilan evolved from a nascent brand into an industry leader, thanks to their thirteen years of accumulation, earning numerous accolades in the industry. Her vivid speech also gradually unveiled the brand's concept of "life's fireworks," resonating with the audience.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Peach and Plum Spring Wind · Song Dynasty Aesthetic Living Scroll


From the elegance of the Song Dynasty to contemporary observation, from worldly prosperity to the tranquility of lake courtyards, a world of peach and plum blossoms, a dream field of living combined with mountains and waters, natural simplicity, hidden from the world yet independent, extracting ancient tower-shaped lighting fixtures, creating a historical garden scene. Similar colors create a harmonious space as a whole, overall simple and exquisite, reflecting Song Dynasty aesthetics.


冯 欢

Adrian L.Norman Limited | 项目总监

Hilary Feng

Adrian L.Norman Limited | Project Director



A Tale of Two Cities, Suitable for All Sizes


Ms. Hilary Feng, not only with her outstanding appearance but also with her exceptional design talent, deeply impressed everyone with her design philosophy. She proposed that design could be reflected on a micro-level, focusing on the design of space and scale, and on a macro-level, in terms of layout and the height of passion. This "big and small design" concept demonstrates her deep understanding and pursuit in the industry.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Macau Residential Project

作为大湾区核心之一,澳门半岛正以与赌城截然不同的性格走进未来,而Tiffany House是这里的不二地标,毗邻金莲花广场,坐拥这座城的核心,所以用极致呈现空间、精神、视觉上的三重审美,感受着城市的感受,瞰见属于未来的未来。

As a core part of the Greater Bay Area, the Macau Peninsula is moving towards the future with a character distinct from the gambling city, and Tiffany House is an unparalleled landmark here, adjacent to the Golden Lotus Square, holding the core of the city. Thus, it presents the ultimate in space, spirit, and visual aesthetics, feeling the city's sentiments, looking forward to the future.

景观设计试图向人们描绘出生活最好的模样,当如脚踩月光闻花香,一眼青青如碧。在Tiffany House这一切都化作了审美意象:精致的可持续、并强化生活本身。景观是建筑的延续,随着步道蜿蜒,空间步移景异,是现代艺术对园艺花景的构画,绘出自然肌理的野趣之美。用简约景观设计语言,多层次的种植空间, 塑造精致都会公寓花园。

The landscape design attempts to depict the best living scenario, as if stepping on moonlight and smelling flowers, a glance of lush greenery. At Tiffany House, all these turn into aesthetic symbols: exquisite sustainability, and enhancing life itself. The landscape is an extension of the architecture, with the meandering paths, the space changes with every step, modern art's depiction of garden scenery, drawing out the natural texture's wild beauty. Using minimalist landscape design language, multi-layered planting spaces, crafting an exquisite urban apartment garden.



OUR都市再生 | 总经理/设计总监

Peishuang Liu

OUR Urban Regeneration | General manager,Design director



Rather than transforming the building, it is better to build a garden.


Mr. Peishuang Liu emphasized in his speech that in some cases, the surrounding environment of buildings can significantly enhance the overall spatial quality and functionality, playing a crucial role. He also interpreted this new design concept through the actual renovation project of the Zhouzhuang Distillery, allowing us to truly feel that a beautiful and pleasant environment can rejuvenate buildings with new vitality and cultural connotations.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Zhouzhuang Distillery Renovation (Wansan Winery)


The Zhouzhuang Distillery, located in Jianxin Village, Zhouzhuang Town, was built in the 1980s. During its more than thirty years of existence, it was once the pride of the villagers. As the distillery declined, Jianxin Village gradually became hollowed out. After several years of planning and renovation, the Zhouzhuang Distillery has become a tourist destination integrating museums, exhibitions, outdoor activities, markets, dining, and expansion activities, driving key elements such as "Jiangnan", "yellow wine culture", and "industrial tourism" to be recognized by the market, fulfilling multiple value realizations including industrial products, cultural and tourism experiences, and the yellow wine brand. It transformed yellow wine from an "old idea" in the older generation's hearts into a "new landmark" in young people's eyes, and in 2020, it was selected as a Jiangsu Provincial-level Industrial Tourism Base. The winery also attracted local young people to return to work, hoping that in the coming decades, it can continue to be the village's pride.



SANJ叁颉设计 | 创始人/设计总监

Jianhuang Chen

SANJ Design | Design Directer / Founder



Follow your heart, stay passionate


Mr. Jianhuang Chen, with his rich life experience, having studied abroad from a young age and entered the workplace, faced various pressures and challenges but always maintained his passion. It is precisely his unyielding and unsatisfied spirit that led to the establishment of a diversified studio, his struggle journey serving as an inspiring example for peers.

代表作品 / Signature Work


Octagon Lighting Research Institute



"Architecture is a container of light, using light to deconstruct and reorganize space."

The founding concept of the Octagon Lighting Research Institute aims at "exploring the infinite possibilities of light". Through different forms and combinations of structure, material, and lighting, it interprets and constructs a virtual spatial experience. The designer uses the language of spatial design to interpret a virtual space of deconstruction and reorganization, exploring different spatial experiences of light. Thus, in this 'Indefinite' space of light, without any predetermined routes, people can only explore every corner of the space guided by 'light', entering a purely light-constructed virtual space.


Award Ceremony


颁奖嘉宾:徐 皜


Award Presenter: Xu Hao

China Architecture & Building Press, East China Branch


Thank you to all the speakers for their fascinating talks and to the attendees for their active participation and support! We look forward to gathering again!

第二届 甦上奖 SU AWARD

The 2nd SU AWARD for Urban Regeneration



Global Classic Urban Regeneration Cases Joint Exhibition



Date: March 26-29, 2024, All Day

Location: Hall E1 · UR Urban Regeneration Works Exhibition Area

2024年度主题「十年一刻」,将延续「甦上华章」内涵并结合当下行业发展趋势,将目光聚焦到城市再生,地建师携手「UR城市再生」自媒体平台,引入「 甦上奖 SU AWARD」全球视角的评委阵容及经典作品。

The theme for 2024, "10 Years" builds upon the "SU" essence, aligned with the latest industry trends, and zeroes in on urban regeneration. In partnership with the [UR Urban Regeneration] self-media platform, SU AWARD brings in a globally-oriented jury and their iconic works.

「甦上奖 SU AWARD 」在城市更新与再生的大环境下,关注全球城市再生与旧改,表彰具有城市再生贡献力的品质项目及企业,旨在共同提高城市品质。

SU AWARD highlights the significance of urban renewal and regeneration, spotlighting global urban rejuvenation and revitalization efforts. It honors projects and companies making significant contributions to urban regeneration, aiming to collectively elevate urban quality.



Despite the difficulties and constraints often encountered in the renewal of historical buildings due to traces of the past, we have never given up on the coexistence of modern concepts with historical contexts. Each building retains a segment of culture and memory, and every architect has added a page of the present to the narration of history.

Urban Regeneration Declaration Urban regeneration, a sign of maturity in the urbanization process, requires multi-disciplinary research combining social, cultural, economic, ecological aspects, urban vitality, and operation management to maximize the balance of capital value and social value. Our current urban renewal efforts are mainly focused on utilizing public capital, emphasizing the preservation of cultural and historical heritage. However, for urban renewal in the current era, more detailed industry orientation and economic calculations are needed, along with adjustments according to user demand changes, planning from a sustainable "human perspective" every day. Maximizing the use of private capital to extend the lifespan and reuse existing buildings, enhancing property value while achieving economic and carbon reduction goals, and improving the "public space" system, providing a more comfortable and pleasant spatial experience.

Urban Regeneration Declaration Architects urgently need to re-examine the future of cities. Urban development has shifted from an "incremental era" to a "stock era." Therefore, with limited development space, the requirements for refined urban design and management are increasingly high. This requires architects to further strengthen the granularity of the city, preserving urban memories while focusing on real human experiences and aspirations for quality life. We propose a pixel-level future city design concept, envisioning multi-dimensional perspectives on urban health, intelligence, low-carbon resilience, transportation, public services, and the future's predictability and flexibility.

Urban Regeneration Declaration The city, as an organic living entity, is constantly changing. "Historical authenticity" should be the core essence of urban renewal. Only by preserving the truth of history can we establish a dialectical unity between it and the contemporary era, thereby affirming the significance of "history" in relation to "the contemporary", and more clearly reflecting the value and position of "the contemporary" in the stream of history. We should consider the stratification of human activities in urban and town spaces across different historical periods as the starting point for understanding the integrity of the value of cultural heritage, accepting the historical environment while also embracing the significance of contemporary space and architecture.

Urban Regeneration Declaration Cities, like nature, are always actively and passively adjusting and evolving. After some urban spaces have completed their phase-specific functions and can no longer meet new urban functional needs, both major surgical replacements and acupuncture-style minor adjustments are valid methods, each with its rationality. The only irrational approach is to emphasize one method over the other. Urban spaces should have equal dialogue with the era they belong to, coexisting and prospering together. Only by being pragmatic, objectively analyzing, and prescribing solutions according to the issues, can we adopt a truly scientific approach to urban renewal.

Urban Regeneration Declaration Urban development is a continuous metabolic process, with urban renewal serving as an inherent self-regulating mechanism in city development. Urban renewal requires gradual exploration and attempts, not an overnight success. Effective renewal should fit the urban development process, taking advantage of opportunities, and achieving natural outcomes.

Urban renewal is an eternal hot topic in the architectural industry. The urban renewal model in Western countries is drastically different from that in China, where the former has developed over decades to adopt a "daily renewal and filling in the gaps" approach, while the latter has been driven by "large-scale construction" to promote urban economic development. In the future, China will also enter a period of steady development similar to Western countries, facing the same renewal and transformation issues. At that time, it will be necessary to combine the urban renewal strategies of Western countries and explore a development path for urban renewal with Chinese characteristics.

Urban regeneration is an inevitable result of deepening urbanization. Under limited urban land supply conditions, urban regeneration can bring innovative vitality to city core areas, as well as revitalize non-core areas of the city, making them new destinations that attract people. Chapman Taylor's urban renewal design plans fully consider the scale and needs of the architectural environment and community, aiming to combine local cultural restoration with the improvement of urban texture, creating a sustainable urban environment.

Urban Regeneration Declaration Urban renewal is more about human experience. From large-scale city design to pocket gardens, regardless of the design scale, it should start from the user's experience and needs, focusing on delving into the city's spirit, respecting local culture, which is also the soul of urban renewal projects.

Urban regeneration is not just about the reuse of buildings but also involves organizing space through new projects within mature urban areas to create meaningful flow and gathering points.

Urban Regeneration Declaration Urban renewal is a symbiosis of multi-dimensional value orientations. Each urban renewal is an opportunity to enhance the city's competitiveness and vitality. How to better allocate resources to trigger the development of urban industries and culture is the challenge and opportunity given to us by the era, and also the design goal that designers need to adhere to in future multi-dimensional urban renewal projects.

Urban Regeneration Declaration The design value in urban renewal manifests in economic and social dimensions. Realizing value should closely integrate lifestyle with architectural space, understanding real needs, translating them into business models, and undertaking appropriate commercial planning, followed by corresponding spatial design. Ensuring high-quality design completion while guaranteeing commercial benefits is achieved by integrating design, construction, and operations.

Urban Regeneration Declaration The city is a continuously evolving field. As time flows, the various capacities it carries also change. Urban regeneration is about planning for the city's current needs and future development, designing buildings of different scales and open spaces in the city to correspond with each other. Through planning, it utilizes the city's original texture to create possibilities for reuse. Besides the economic benefits generated on the practical economic level, creating possibilities for reuse mainly has a positive impact on the residents' lives. Thus, the purpose of regeneration is for development, not only in economic terms but also including the development of a better lifestyle and a sustainable living environment.

Using "a decade" as a time scale clearly perceives the transition of "past years," "decade," and "future decade" in city architecture. Urban regeneration is a dialectical transformation between new and old, a new essence embedded in the soul of a city. As someone in the interior industry, I always adhere to the design principles of "renewal," "warmth," and "innovation," transforming myself while forging a beautiful future with countless urban spaces.


Urban Regeneration Works Industry Joint Exhibition Brands



We thank the following companies for contributing classic cases of urban renewal & urban regeneration excellence.


Urban Regeneration - Architectural Design Institutions



Urban Regeneration - Landscape Design Institutions

TROP:terrains+open space 、DDON 笛东、GS境上设计、GVL怡境国际设计集团、INCHE因澈景观、IPD澳洲艺普得、L&A GROUP 奥雅股份、MAXI 美溪景观、VIA 维亚景观、W&B Design五贝设计


Urban Regeneration/Old Renewal - Interior Design Institutions



Urban Regeneration - Lighting Design Institutions



Urban Regeneration - Urban Development Institutions






Su Award


A Decade's Hall


十年一刻 | 在路上 · 再出发


Here Now · and Again

—Past, Present, Future—


地点:E1沙龙区 地建师专区

Date: March 27, 2024, Morning

Location: Hall E1 Salon Area, DJSER Special Zone


A decade, in the vast river of history, is but a drop in the ocean. Each decade serves as a vessel and recorder of history.



Reflecting on the past years, what do we observe? Is it the splendid blossoms of a decade's glorious years, or is it the unwavering pursuit of never giving up through the decade...

Reflecting once more on the past decade, where does my heart stand? Is it with the dreams I’ve held onto for a decade, my heart still steadfast, or amidst uncertainty and struggle, seeing myself lost...



How fortunate we are to have shared and witnessed the significant transformations within our industry.

Time never pauses; at this moment, we find ourselves once again hastily on the road, ready to embark anew.


Carrying the innocence of a child, cherishing our passion and dedication to design, and our promises to our dreams, we embark on the journey upward, to fulfill our decade-long dreams.


The "A Decade's Hall" organized around DJSER's ten years, curated by Ms. Zhong Qin, features inviting "Creative Generation" for engaging and meaningful personal themed presentations and dialogues, reflecting on the past decade and looking ahead to the next ten years.

魏 文 梅

DBW | 创始人

May Wei     DBW | Founder


A New Era, A New Journey

魏文梅女士创立DBW,意为:Design for Better World。新时代,幸福是一种新的流通货币,塑造独具幸福感和情绪价值的场所,让生活因为好的设计而更美好。

Ms. Wei Wenmei founded DBW, standing for: Design for a Better World. In this new era, happiness has become a new circulating currency, creating places uniquely rich in happiness and emotional value, making life more beautiful through great design.


A new journey, in a state of spiritual freedom, breaks down the barriers of planning, design, and operation, regardless of whether it's for commercial, office, residential, or entertainment functions. Through crafting a series of public spaces, a distinctive spatial experience journey is designed.


Ms. Wei Wenmei believes in altruism and a win-win mindset, which also serves as one of the solutions to the challenges faced by today's market

田 鑫

MoA大音创设 | 创始人 /设计总裁

Tian Xin     MoA Da Yin Chu She | Founder / Design President


Growth in the Cracks


Mr. Tian Xin, through his beloved mediums of drawing and poetry, shares his journey of birth, education, work... over 40 years of growth, gradually "getting lost" and slowly "finding himself" again.


In finding himself, Mr. Tian Xin established MoA. He aims to root in lighting design while offering and creating professional value in multimedia art, spatial visual integration, sustainable development, and more within the architectural field.

吴 文 博

ORIA-和睿(巴黎/上海) | 创始合伙人

长厦安基工程设计有限公司 | 集团设计总监

Wenbo Wu

ORIA-Hui (Paris/Shanghai) | Founding Partner

Changsha Anji Engineering Design Co., Ltd. | Group Design Directo



Playing and Designing

—Design transcends mere immediate trivialities; it encompasses the poetry and the distant wilderness


Mr. Wu Wenbo embraces the joy of design, venturing into diverse fields: beyond architectural design, his work spans trendy space design, installation design, Fashion Week curations, and the publishing/exhibition of Shanghai city picture book "Under the Plane Trees."


Mr. Wu Wenbo is committed to every courageous decision he has made: once briefly stepping away from his beloved architectural design to seek his poetry and distance, he then returned to the field to "play and design."


Industry Book Exhibition




Date: March 26-29, 2024, All Day

Location: Hall E1·Forum Area


Books serve as a testament to an era or a process, playing a crucial role in the inheritance of culture and as a connector for communication.


DJSER presents to the industry project catalogs from over 100 companies, approximately 500 books, for peer reading and exchange. This initiative aims to have outstanding projects discovered and recognized by a broader audience.


The onsite book browsing area becomes a highlight of this exhibition, reinforcing DJSER's commitment to the industry's responsibility once again in the professional community.

——  往期推荐  ——

甦上华章 · 和光同尘


未来之城 · 天际综合体 | CREDesign共享荟

甦上华章ROAD SHOW- CREDesign共享荟@深圳

甦上华章ROAD SHOW- CREDesign共享荟@成都

甦上华章ROAD SHOW- CREDesign共享荟@上海

甦上华章ROAD SHOW- CREDesign共享荟@杭州







品质活动:CREDAWARD地建师设计大奖 / CREDesign共享荟 / DDF地建师设计节

品宣推广:项目宣发 / 人物专访 / 活动策划 / 图书出版 / 竞赛组织

DJSER Design Community

Empowering innovative design in pursuit of excellence

DJSER, the media platform for selecting outstanding global design firms. Bringing together nearly 500+ member units, including urban development enterprises and excellent design agencies from home and abroad, united in the pursuit of excellence and innovative empowerment.

High-quality Events: CREDAWARD, DJSER Congress, CREDesign Salon, DJSER Design Festival, etc.

Brand Promotion Services: Project Promotion, Interview, Event Planning, Book Publishing, Competition Organization, etc.

021-5270 7268



地建师 | CREDAWARD地建师设计大奖

——《中国地产设计集萃 I 》

Best Works of (2014-2019)



圆满落幕!【地建师】十年一刻 | 「NEXT 这一代」在路上·再出发


2024年3月26-29日,由地建师DJSER、UR城市再生主办,【地建师】十年一刻 @上海,得到HOTEL & SHOP PLUS上海国际酒店暨商业空间博览会协办,中国建筑工业出版社·华东分社《建筑

近期热点 - 评委阵容 | 第二届甦上奖 - 十年HUA廊 | 自语 · 对话 · 共生 - 郑仕樑室内设计已申报「 第11届 CREDAWARD地建师设计大...